Monday, 23 January 2012

Confession time

So, as usual I haven't been on here in months. Aah, that's a lie. I go on blogger most days. I've guiltily looked at my blog at the top of the page and quickly scrolled down to my blog feed. Naughty me. And what prompted this terrible behaviour, I hear you ask. Well... I still haven't finished my Colette Sencha blouse. Don't get me wrong. I love the pattern still. It sewed up like a dream. I learnt so much, catch stitch is a new favourite for instance. Just look at this beautiful stitching.

The problem is I was foolish. I used a fabric I suspected was a little stiff for the design. I also didn't make a mock up. Ooh. Naughty me. Foolish too as my body in no way meets any standard measurements. I'm not happy with the fit, and because the fabric is stiff, I can't really see where the problem occurs. Aah well live and learn. All I need to do is cut open my buttonholes and sew on the buttons. The thing is I don't really see myself wearing this, so I can't quite push myself to do it. Its been hanging on my wardrobe door chastising me for months!!! I cringe every time I see it. O dear.

Don't let me reticence in blogging fool you into thinking I haven't been busy. I have made several baby blankets, a baby hat, and finished the socks I was making.  I love my socks. I should probably have made them slightly longer in hindsight, but no matter. They are toasty warm too.

There are more pictures on my ravelry account. Here are the two baby blankets. One is a simple granny square one with a scalloped border, the other is a spiral, worked using two different colours simultaneously.

The hat was made to go with the first blanket. I had so little of the yarn left I couldn't have done anything else with it, so it seemed like a good idea. It took about an hour and is really cute. A very good last minute present.

Sewingwise, I haven't been doing so much. Mainly because I had lots of friends having babies, so blankets etc. were prioritised. But also because I realised I hate pressure when it comes to sewing. As soon as its something I HAVE to do, I don't feel like doing it. It seems like work. Drat. Some of it I actually want to do too. I'm such a contradiction. In my own defence I have been busy; both at work, and at home. My younger sister got married recently, and I was one of the bridesmaids. Plus, you know how much time wedding preparation gobbles up. All of it. If you aren't shopping, you are browsing online. And if you aren't browsing, the bride is having an emotional episode, and needs some support. Don't get me wrong. I love my sister, we are very close. But it is very intense. We don't do long engagements in my family either, so the whole thing had to be organised in about 2 months. Big sigh of relief. Phew. The good news is another sister is getting married in  couple of months ;p

Now, I've saved the best till last. I worked on a project for my sister for the wedding. Its one of, if not the best, things I've ever sewn. My sisters dress was bought off the rack because of the time restrictions. The dress was gorgeous. The only she didn't like was this large sash, not sure what to call it hanging from the waist at the back. It wasn't quite in keeping with the rest of the dress. I volunteered to removed them!?! Then I had the bright idea of using them to make a bolero. We hadn't had much luck finding one we liked or that fitted well. This way I knew it would match. It was definitely a labour of love. Unpicking the stitches on the sash took 2 hours alone. Here is what the sash looked like attached to the dress.

They were bigger than the photo lets on, maybe a foot wide at the bottom. I shall leave you with this tantalising photo for now as I think the bolero deserves its own post. That's all for now. Take care all.


  1. Fancy that - I never come on to blogger anymore and the day I do there is a lovely post waiting for me to read.

  2. I made exactly the same mistake with a Sencha blouse, I used fabric that was too stiff and it looks absolutely awful! Live and learn.