Sunday, 5 February 2012


Look at the beauties that arrived in the post yesterday morning. I was working so I couldn't start putting them to good use. Instead I took them to work and read the instructions during my breaks. Anyone else enjoy doing this? ;)

With this on my mind, I was thinking the only style missing from the Renfrew is a polo neck or turtleneck if you will. I think it would be quite easy to adapt for that style though. Raise the neckline and use a rectangle of fabric for the collar. In my search for inspiration I also discovered Burda 9-2010-121.

How easy would it be to adjust the renfrew top. I definitely want to have ago at this. If you google it you can see some of the lovely things people have made using this pattern. The collar is an all in one facing. You tuck it inside and sew down the sides of the neckline to secure it. What you think?

Next bolero post up shortly.

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