Friday, 17 February 2012

Wedding Bolero Part 3

Sorry this has been so long in coming. Once I uploaded the photos of it on to my laptop I decided I wasn't happy with the quality of the pictures. I had to wait till I visited my sister then raid her cupboard :) Anyway, here are the long promised pictures.

This is a close up of the back. You can really see the detail of the embroidery and bead work. You can also see how I matched up the motifs to give a symmetrical design.

With the front pieces I used up the remaining motifs. They were simpler and didn't detract from the beauty of the dress itself. You can see what I meant about the lining being rather transparent, but hey ho. That's what happens when you order fabric online.

I had great fun trying to make sure all the motifs were positioned in the same place, and the correct way round. I had to be careful not to lose the beads. They were all sewn on with one thread so I had to keep securing the thread where ever I cut the beading thread. I little annoying, but easily solved.

Here's  the rest of the lining. I attached it all the way round the edges of the bolero, and hand sewed both sleeves. The fabric was quite stiff here, and it was easier to ensure a neat join this way. Anyway, definitely one of my more successful projects.

Next up I'm working on a kimono for my sister. She's anime (Japanese cartoons) mad and picked the below fabric and pattern.

I have all the pieces traced out I just need to get cutting!

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  1. Just looking around on the internet and I came about your blog. I love your bolero. It looks great. And I'm in love with your next project I'd love to see your finished garment when its ready :)