Sunday, 23 January 2011

The absence of SWAP

So, I fully intended my next post to be a list of items I want to make this year. Nothing long, maybe five items, something achievable. Clearly even the thought of sewing with a plan sent me packing. Ok, so that's not entirely true. I have been 'thinking' about which patterns I want to make, but the final list is a long way from ready.

To be fair, I haven't completely been slacking off. The husband of a friend of mine is soon to be ordained as a deacon (vicar/priest sort of to you and me), and rather than spending £600/£700 on a polyester monstrosity, my friend and I decided to have a go at making his cassock. She tracked down the pattern below online.

We're making view A with the buttons, which looks reasonably simple until you see the pleating on the back.

So far we have made the muslin/toile out of calico. The fit is quite good so we aren't going to mess with a good thing, although we may sneak in some shoulder pads so it sits more smoothly. Seemed simpler, and broad shoulders on a man is never a bad thing :)

Now for the hard part - the real thing. My friend has bought a lovely black wool mix, reasonably expensive (gulp) to make this up in. It's washed, dried and ironed well, which is a relief, and we've finally finished cutting out the many pieces. This took us two days, although we were chatting as we went along, hehe. We're going to start the sewing on Thursday. We have rather a deadline for this as my friend is due to give birth to her first child mid March, which of course means I need to finish making something for the baby too. I don't mind admitting I have yet to start. I've almost finished the blanket I have started for another friend too, so I'd better pull my socks up!!!

To conclude, I have much to be doing, so what was I doing? Looking on ebay ;p I scored this rather cute babydoll nightie set.

There's a picture of my mum somewhere wearing a nightie very similar to view D. I don't know what it is with me and pyjamas, but  always look twice at these patterns. I'd love to get a 1940s one with lovely gathering. I'm also bidding on this nice trench pattern.

I actually already have the pattern. My sister in law (SIL) scored a whole bag of vintage patterns for £1 that a charity shop were just going to throw away!!!! The trench pattern was in it. In my size. Complete. But alas, missing the instructions. This would be fine, only I've never sewn anything like this and would prefer not to make a hash of it. So, once I've copied the instrcutions (if I win it that is) the pattern is going back up on ebay. The pattern's certainly not my size so not much use for anything else.

Not sure why I've been buying patterns again, the ratio of patterns bought/aquired to patterns sewn is easily 99:1. Oops. I'm sure I'm not alone. Anyway, will hopefully get that list done soon, and finish the blanket I'm crocheting. With any luck, that'll be the next post. Here's hoping...

Oh, and did I mention I've yet to piece together my PDF download of the swing dress pattern? We're supposed to be starting the muslin this week. Eek!

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