Friday, 14 January 2011

Sew much for sewing!

Well, so much for starting a blog getting me to pull up my sewing socks. This has drifted some what. So, new year, new start I figure. To start with I am going to give myself a gentle nudge (kick) in the right direction. I am going to take part in Casey's of Casey's Elegant Musings sewalong using the swing dress pattern from Sense & Sensibility patterns ( One of the things I've been wanting to do is have a go at a forties inspired dress, and I think this fits the bill. Even better there is a deadline, so I'll have to get a move on.

I especially like the gathered drop front shoulders. Hopefully mine will turn out as well as Casey's versions so far.

I'm a little nervous of some of the fitting issues as I have a sway back, as well as being pearshaped, but hopefully it won't be too bad. I think I might have to shorten the bodice slightly too as it is for longwaisted gals, and despite being quite tall I have quite a high waist. Don't you just love how one of the joys of sewing is knowing all your body's defects intimately? ;p

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  1. I do love that actually :-) I am so "out there" now about my short waist and boob-shape! And I don't feel bad about my body any longer. It is its own unique shape - easier to fit in some ways than some people, more challenging to fit in others. But we all have something unless we're genetically blessed and 22 :-)